Teaching and Advising

Teaching Statement

I value teaching and mentoring in their profound impacts on the growth of the students. Exploring teaching excellence is an integral component of my academic career. I like sharing with students not only knowledge, but also my passion and strategies in exploring solutions for engineering problems.

“4C” Skills

I believe that the role of teaching is not only to disseminate knowledge to students, but also help them grasp skills for life time learning.  To accomplish this goal, I emphasize the following skills in my classes: Critical thinking, Creativity, Cooperation, and Communication, which I call “4C” skills. I prefer to inspire students to “think” rather than to purely “memorize”; I would like to encourage students to come up with innovative solutions when faced with unknowns rather than to passively stick to old conventions; I value cooperation between students and encourage them to develop their communication skills, which are essential for success in any profession.

Fusion of Theories and Practices

The nature of engineering disciplines make them practice oriented.  To this end, I value the fusion of theories and practices in classes.  I would like to develop courses blending lectures, independent studies, hands-on projects and field trips. I will help students to bridge theories learned in the classroom to the engineering problems encountered in the real life.  I will also actively introduce my research progresses into the class modules, enrich undergraduate learning by involving them in research activities, and by developing new courses based on emerging practices.


  • 4300-694 Fundamental of Soil Behaviors      Spring, 2015
  • 4300-518 Geotechnical in situ testing and field instrumentation Fall 2014, 2015
  • 4300-314 Geotechnical Engineering                                       Spring 2014, 2015
  • 4300-201 Statics                                                                Fall 2013, 2014, 2015
  • ECIV 330 (Soil Mechanics Labs)                                 Springs 2011, 2012, 2013 (CWRU)


  • 2014 ASCE ExCEED 2014 Teaching Fellow

Labs and Field Trips

Soils Lab


Field trip for Soil Investigation

IMG_2176 IMG_2167

 Student Success

  • Junhong Li, 2017, “Poster Competition First Place Award”, IACIP
  • Sichuan Huang, 2017, “Poster Competition Third Place Award”, IACIP
  • Junhong Li, 2016, “Civil Engineering Department Scholarship Awards”, University of Akron
  • Sichuan Huang, 2016, “Software training scholarship”, Itasca Education Partnership (IEP) program
  • Hui Tao, 2015, “Poster Competition First Place Award”, IACIP

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